Our Code of Ethics

Black Sabre (BSG) is defined by its Code of Ethics. This is who we are. We hold our leaders and our members to the highest standards of anyone in the PC gaming arena. If you cannot commit to these standards, you should not apply to BSG.

Code Of Ethics

Section 1: Alliances

BSG does not form alliances which will compromise its independent identity.

Section 2: Chain of Command

 BSG uses a Chain of Command (CoC) in the organization of teams, relay of orders, and flow of information to achieve success on the battlefield.

All orders from your CoC must be followed at all times except when those orders contradict the Code of Ethics or other policy.

Members must raise any issues or complaints through their CoC. Members cannot jump over their CoC. In the event that the issue or complaint is regarding a member’s direct CoC, the member should submit the issue in written form and request it be forwarded up the CoC. The member’s CoC must forward the written issue or complaint to the next level of the CoC.

Section 3: Participation

All events and activities will be held in the BSG Discord within the assigned channels.

Attending any event or unit outside of your designated battalion is optional but encouraged. Remember that you are a guest and a representative of your division.

Section 4: Dedication and Real Life

BSG accepts all real life needs and commitments. BSG will not put any member into a decision between real life and BSG.

If a member decides to leave BSG for any reason, the decision will be upheld.

Section 5: Promotions, Awards, and Positions

 Promotions and awards will be handed out based on the following principles:

a) Dedication

b) Attendance

c) Conduct

d) Teamwork

e) Performance

Leadership Positions will be assigned based on the following sorted principles:

a) Leadership abilities

b) Dedication

c) Teamwork

Section 6: Conduct

Members will respect and uphold their Chain of Command (CoC)leadership as well as the CoC leadership will respect and uphold their members.

BSG members will respect each other regardless of their age, gender, nationality, race, religious beliefs/creed, disability, or sexual orientation.

BSG members will respect non-BSG personnel in the same way as BSG members.

BSG members will show dignity, honor and integrity outside of BSG. Any insult towards the member, its unit, another BSG member or BSG as a whole is to be ignored and left uncommented.

Any and all language or content of an adult or offensive nature will not be tolerated, whether on voice or text communications (chat, forums, email etc.).

No BSG member will issue religious or political statements or respond to one of them.

No BSG member will question BSG policies and regulations in public. They will instead use the CoC to issue their thoughts.

Good sportsmanship is mandatory at all times and in all situations.

Members are representatives of BSG and are perceived as such by other persons and organizations. A member’s public conduct, good or bad, will be reflected on the organization as a whole.

Section 7: Loyalty

As a BSG member, do not share our strategies or tactics. Our field leaders work hard to develop them for our teams.

We encourage members to wear their BSG tags with pride outside the games BSG plays, but this is not a requirement. Wearing tags or not, remember that you represent BSG at all times. We understand loyalty is earned, and BSG will work hard to earn yours, but we will not hesitate to remove members that violate these rules.